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products generalFrom depilatory waxes to pre and after depilation lotions and gels, Simple Use Beauty offers a complete professional product range for every skin type. Each one of the products is the result of systematic research and development, while it is manufactured following strict rules in order to meet superior quality standards and offer perfect results. In addition, our single use consumables series cover all the needs of our customers in the beauty service.

Our certified management system and manufacturing practices meet the growing challenges of quality, safety, environmental protection and social responsibility.


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Smooth Skin made of Silk

Hellenia, is a new and unique line that consists of 9 exquisite depilatory products. All of them meet the highest quality standards and are specially designed to give a perfect, smooth and silky skin. They are suitable for every skin type and for waxing almost every part of the body and face. They can be used by both, professionals and non-professionals, as they are very easy to use.

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Effective Depilation, the... "Simple Use" Way

Get to know our complete range of depilatory waxes, suitable for every skin type and for waxing almost every part of the body and face. They can be used by both, professionals and non-professionals, and indepedent of their type (roll-on, tin, hot, etc.) they retain the qualitative properties that made users all over the world to prefer them.
Pay attention to our 100% Natural Series, Sugar and Olive Oil Wax, specially formulated with natural ingredients for extra cosmetological actions.

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Portability and Efficiency

Suitable for professional and semi-professional use, Simple Use Beauty Wax Heaters, are a "must have" for depilation services with warm wax. Ideal for fast and reliable results. You can also have them with your own logo by request.

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For Optimal Results

The result of, either a professional depilation service, or a semi-professional depilation procedure in home, depends not only on the depilatory product and the application itself, but also on the preparation of the skin, before the application, as well as on what we do after the depilation. The use of Simple Use Beauty's Pre and Post Depilation products is the ideal solution to get the best results out of a depilation, having at the same time, the less possible irritations, abrasions, or other skin damages.

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Making your Life Easier

Special kits of products, to make your "life" easier and keep all "things" together, for your convenience.

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Whatever you Need to make Things Work

From paper-rolls and towels, to needles and customers' wearables, whatever you need to run your professional services, you will find among our range of single use consumable products.

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Useful in a Special Way

Products that expand our range to cover multiple customers' needs.

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PDF File

Feel free to read online our Product Catalogue 2016, or download it.

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