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Welcome to Simple Use Beauty, the most important Greek company, today, in the field of professional and semi-professional depilatory products


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Simple Use Beauty is today the most important Greek company in the field of professional and semi-professional depilatory products, exporting to 33 countries worldwide. Our manufacturing and exporting potencialities, aligned with the excellence of our products, place Simple Use Beauty in the leading position in the Greek relevant industry. Our outstanding performance is characterized by a combination of...


  • the expertise of our executives and cosmetic scientists which is used in the study and development of innovative formulas, as well as in the certified, fully controlled manufacturing of premium and superior products in an internationally competitive quality-cost ratio.
  • the capability to plan and develop complete, unique and modern cooperation projects that define our business strategies and worldwide operations, especially for the multilevel 360-degree support which covers the technical and commercial development of the professionals in the field, with special informative and training programs.
  • the fully integrated manufacturing system which gives us the opportunity to provide our partners worldwide with business solutions and highly profitable deals for the distribution of Simple Use Beauty labeled products, as well as of products with private labels.
  • our aim which is to contribute to the continuous development of the professional field of depilation services, by providing innovative and pioneering ideas, expressed with next-generation products, as well as with cooperations resulting in the creation of business
    opportunities and unique professionals

We believe in the power of expertise and experience that we put forward in the study and development of formulas that characterize the products we manufacture.

GEORGE PATAS - General Manager


business growth graphSimple Use Beauty was founded in 2004... Athens, Greece. Since then, the company is continuously growing and developing, armed with undeniable expertise, percistence in research and a vision for qualitative superiority. In 2009 we settled in our own facilities that host our offices, as well as our plant, having the ability to support, improve and expand our manufacturing system and consequently our range of products. Today we are proud to sustain loyal and satisfied customers worldwide, while creating more and more every year.

One of the main reasons to lead in the field...

company03From the moment that we settled in our own facilities, our prime aim was to improve and expand our manufacturing system in order to achieve the highest level of integration. It is exactly what we are proud to say that we have conquered today. The chief benefits of doing so, are, the improvement of machine utilization while reducing the manpower and the loss in time, being able to accurately plan production and control it with reliable systems.

company05company02Today, we are able to manufacture economically attractive products, to maintain a top level of qualitative standards and monitor every batch of production worldwide, a fact that made us lead the Greek exporting market in the field and be highly competitive in the global market.

Simple Use Beauty's presence, worldwide, on February 2016...